Juvet Landscape Hotel, Norway
Juvet Landscape Hotel, Norway
Juvet Landscape Hotel, Norway

© Photo by Robert Landon

Home is a fraught word for me. I grew up in an only intermittently happy one, and attempts to establish a home of my own have been always a little doomed. I seem to bury explosives in the foundations.

Yet my longing for home is so great that, whenever I walk into someone else’s, I am, in my mind, already moving in. Magazines like Dwell and World of Interiors are a drug that get me high. Real estate sites are my preferred version of online porn. 

In 2005, I got an assignment to write about Mies’s Farnsworth house, which began a long conversation (and the first of many architectural pilgrimages) with my friend and collaborator, architectural photographer Paul Clemence.

We ended up working on dozens of stories about modernist and contemporary buildings. Here are a few examples of our work together, as well as some I did on my own: 

+ Metropolis Magazine: Rudolph Schindler: The First Modernist Home 

+ Archdaily: Tippet Rise: Architecture, Art, Music and Mountains in Montana

+ Dwell: Salas/McGoff House

+ Dwell: Juvet Landscape Hotel

+ A Magazine: Campos & Burle Marx: A High Modernist Gem on Rio de Janeiro Hillside